Friday, August 15, 2008


First, why is Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama okaying Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and her family to have their SHINE at the Democratic National Convention? Productions, speeches, introductions and all of that is beyond crazy to me. And then for them to put her name into the nomination is beyond me. I can not even be mad at the Clinton's, they are simply doing them, but Obama is the one who had to okay this madness.
It’s suppose to be for the purpose of uniting the party and heading off potential embarrassing problems at the convention from Hillary supporters. This lady LOST fair and square. It was not a tie, she lost. Obama needs to realize that if the shoe was on the other foot, the Clinton's wouldn't dare let the Obama's in on anything. or, maybe he does already realize that. It just bugs me that BLACKS are always playing the nice role in a bad situation, yet when the situation is flipped we are the last ones to be acknowldeged. If Obama had lost, there would probably be so much as a mention of his name and him waving from the crowd. Yet, 'her name will be placed into nomination. She’ll give a prime-time address, introduced by her daughter Chelsea. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will get his own plum speaking slot on a separate night. She will also have her own production team to create the introductory video that precedes her speech – the same people who produced Bill Clinton’s biography video “The Man from Hope” in 1992. You can bet Obama wants a drama-free convention and sees this laundry list of concessions as a way of keeping the peace," Jack Cafferty states in his Cafferty Files blog.

Is this a party for the Clinton's, (Chelsea, Bill and Hillary) will all be present on the stage during that evening. It wouldnt surprise me if this was all the work of the Clintons, but Obama had to okay this, and honestly, WHY? Senator Clinton even found a way to make it so there's language in the party’s platform that refers to the “18 million cracks in the highest glass ceiling,” which refers to the number of people who voted for her. Am I the only one that didnt forget that Hillary Clinton is the loser in this whole scenario.

I must stop talking because I will go on forever....leave your comments and tell me what you think.

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