Wednesday, August 20, 2008


WHO WILL IT BE? Wouldn't it be nice to finally know who will be on the ticket with Senator Barack Obama. I don't understand why people keep pushing the issue. It's one of those things that you can look at like this, you'll find out eventually. Speculation, anxiety, and anticipation just makes for great conversation. The strange thing about the situation is that the VP never usually has this much of an effect on the presidential candidate's outcome, however, this year the VP can help to make or break Obama's chances. Everyday that you turn to CNN, you would think it was the DAY that you would find out. Obama's campaign even played with reporters in sending an email with the subject line reading, "Vice presidential..." with the first line of the email saying, "just kidding." Great humor for those who are dying to find out this important, yet inevitable piece of information.

I'm quite sure that there are a few people who know who the pick is, and whoever it is, it's safe to say that they are nothing like your friends who can't hold anything - they can definitely keep a secret.

The other person who many people think could possibly be Obama's running mate is the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine. The only problem with Tim Kaine is that he is running for Senator, and usually a person who is believed to win a seat in the Senate wouldn't usually give their seat up.

Along with Biden and Kaine, Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana is considered to be another person among the top tier of VP contenders

The Obama campaign has kept mum on all details, except the most obvious, which is, that he will pick a running mate. His campaign would neither confirm or deny whether Obama would appear with his VP candidate this weekend.

CNN reports that, while the focus in recent days has been on Bayh, Biden and Kaine, there are quite a few other serious contenders, and a curveball pick could always be in the works. Other big names thought to be in the running include retired Gen. Wesley Clark, New York Sen. illary Clinton, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, Texas Rep. Chet Edwards, Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

Obama's campaign says when he makes up his mind, he'll send a text and e-mail to his supporters to let them know who his sidekick will be.

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