Friday, August 8, 2008


Two of our very own Academy Award winners, Forrest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson are starring in Winged Creatures, a 2008 adaptation of Roy Freirich's novel, which carries the same name as the movie. While in the restaurant, the main charachters which also include, Dakota Fanning, Kate Beckinsale, Guy Pearce, and Josh Hutcherson, suddenly hear gunshots. Dakota Fanning, who plays Anne Hagen, hides under the table with her dad and best friend Jimmy Jasperson, played by Josh Hutcherson, while they watch the gunman shoot several people, including her father and then himself. Forrest Whitaker was one of the victims shot, but he lived.
There were five who survived this trauma, and throughout the movie they struggle to understand how to move on after this event. The reaminder of the movie, all of the actors cope with the situation in the restaurant that day, and how it has drastically changed thier lives.
Struggling to understand her father's death, Anne forms some sort of religious hysteria. Jimmy becomes mute, protecting a secret that he and Anne share until it nearly destroys him and his already fractured family. Charlie (Forrest Whitaker), who was grazed by a bullet and is a driving-school teacher, attempts to make his incredible luck work for him at the casino. Jennifer Hudson plays Kathy Archenault, Whitaker's daughter. Carla, played by Kate Beckinsale, the restaurant cashier, loses her ability to take care of herself and her infant son. Ron Abler, a psychologist, attempts to help the survivors but is met with suspicion and little response from any of them. Dr. Laraby, played by Guy Pearce, an ER physician who failed to save two of the shooting victims, turns to his wife as someone to 'save.' The movie follows these five traumatized people as they struggle to regain their trust in the ordinary world.

This movie is reminiscent of Academy-Award winning movie, Crash, a passion piece, where the charachters are brought together through living thier everyday lives. Through these characters' interactions, Crash seeks to depict and examine not only racial tension, but also the distance between strangers in general. This movie seems to depict some of the same messages, although we are living our own separate lives, certain events can lead us to realize that we are much closer than we would like to think.

Looks to be a HIT! Check out the movie trailer below.

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