Friday, October 3, 2008

House sends $700 bailout plan to Bush. He signs it. Now, what will be done for the people?

The House and Senate both pass $700 bailout bill. President Bush signs it. The bill is suppose to fix this nations ailing financial system. Ok, now that this bill is passed, please show me the bill that will fix the lives of the American people. Why is the needy bailing out the greedy? I do not quite understand all of this. I really want someone to tell the American people what all of this really means. How is it that Wall Street is being saved, but the American people are still in a very unhealthy situation. Where is our bailout. This $700 bailout plan is straight disrespect. People all around me are loosing their jobs, homes, cars...this is just ridiculous. Hogwash, as Rev. Al Sharpton so eloquently puts it. So $700 billion goes to Wall Street, and not to mention the billions spent in Iraq, $25 billion to airlines, and the billions given to AIG, and all for what? Please tell me what all of this money is for when not one dime will help the citizens of this country. This is not a white or black issue, this is an American issue, and to be quite honest, this government could care less about the American people. What are the minority companies and small businesses receiving? Just a question.

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Latrice said...

This bill is some BS!!!!!!! I am thoroughly disgusted.