Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Kanye West partnered with MTV for the Choose or Lose documentary, which aired Monday, July 28.  It is an hour long documentary where West + MTV VJ Sway Calloway visits the homes of recently returned Iraq War veterans.  West surprises each vet with a personal visit as he listens to their stories and how they are struggling to re-acclimate to civilian life.  The vets are excited at the mere thought of Kanye West stopping by their homes, but little did they know that they were in store for much more.  West gives the ultimate gift to each of the veterans— the gift of renewed hope.  He committed to paying off their debt, paying for their college tuition, and paying their rent.  One of the veterans stated that West gave him a chance at a new life.  This same veteran sells his blood every week just to get gas money. WHAT??????  He went to Iraq and gave his blood, then he comes back home and has to sell it just to get by. . . I can't believe that this is America.  It's quite ironic that what most people go to the service for is a chance at a better life, but rather they come home often worse off than before.  West said, "There are hundreds of veterans out there who are falling through the cracks.  They make the ultimate sacrifices for us by laying down their lives, but it seems like a lot of them just get forgotten about."  "I know my music inspires and helps a lot of people but you can always do more.  I teamed up with MTV and took the opportunity to share the spotlight with these veterans and hear their stories."  
    I truly commend West for doing this for our vets, but to be honest, he should not have to do this.  I often hear people say that they are going into the service in order to provide their families and themselves with a better life; but I am still trying to figure out how medication, debt, depression, homelessness, and being broke goes hand in hand with being a war veteran.  Maybe it is just me, but if I were to risk my life daily for this country, in another country, when I returned, I should not have to worry about ANYTHING AT ALL.  
    I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the United States government deficit will surge past a half-trillion dollars next year—that's $482 billion dollars.  But forget the deficit, we have spent over a trillion dollars so far on this war on Iraq, yet we have people that have fought in the war who can't afford to pay their rent, that's asinine. 

Well anyway, thank God for people like Kanye West, who recognizes that our veterans are in dire need of help.  Although it has aired already, check MTV for re-airing dates and times.    

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Anonymous said...

You are right veterens shouldn't have to worry about anything when returning home but that is not the case, they are still struggling to find employment and to get readjusted to society. There is no reason in the world that this should be happening @ all!!