Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Okay, so I am probably not the only person tired of hearing BLACK people just sit around and discuss our issues, then get up and act like the mere act of discussing changed something.  When will we actually discuss and then act on that discussion?  Who knows when that will happen, maybe after "BLACK IN AMERICA" airs tonight and tomorrow night on CNN.  Tonight is the first night of the two part documentary series.  The topic tonight will be "The BLACK Woman & Family," and tomorrow it will culminate with "The BLACK Man."  They both begin at 9 p.m. ET. The 4-hour documentary series will be narrated by CNN anchor and special correspondent, Soledad O'Brien. 

You know how you and your girls, or you and your boys get together and hit the club...tonight would be a good night to get some friends together, sit in front of the tube, and see what's going on with BLACKS IN AMERICA, even though I am pretty sure, for the most part, you see it everyday.


Kelli said...

You are so right. The Black community needs to realize that we cannot wear all of our assets on our asses and find value in things that are so much more important. I think that education is one of the most important things that black people lack. There should no longer be excuses as to why someone cannot go to school, because I have seen the poorest of the poor find funds to go to school even if it was just community college.

I enjoyed reading your blog entry and totally agree with you on this issue. That is why I will be sitting on your couch watching the CNN special tonight. Keep up the good work and eventually you will be hosting your own program.


Adam D. said...


I found more of the online video discussion worthwhile to watch moreso than the show.
Now as skeptical as we all are of the conservative folk on CNN. Lets be real. They weren't lying about it, it was a documentary and truthful. However, I'm upset that there are so many negatives that are pointed out and the few positives are few and far-in-between occurances. I already know about the mini plagues to my people, Jail, Aids, Household issues, Lack of Socio-Economic self empowerment. Show me the 2 parents with 2.5 Children that own a home, and are involved in Church, Home and the Community.... 5 Kids? College? really? Its hard enough for any family to finance 1 child going thru college. Thanks for the positive moment but I know a bit better.....

They showed the Rand family and how they connected. Ok that gets cool points on diversity and But I'm still not looking for a sob story nor was I expecting a completely uplifting movement.

For the educated individuals who will disect this entire documentary:

You can always take something positive out of any situation. We are the exception to the stigma. We excel and will continue to do so. The only thing we can ultimately change is how we address the issues that we face on a daily basis. No I don't have AIDS, but I'll contribute to NAPWA. I don't live in poverty, but I will help empower the young individuals who don't know about what they can do to take charge of their finances. Education....shit I'm from Baltimore......not even going to start on that messed up system that doesn't only affect black people. But I will show the eager young boys and girls that with knowledge comes power

Take it with a grain of salt....umm make that a few pinches.

I think many people got caught up in the production of the show instead of the meaning of it. Answer the 5 questions:

Who - Black People
What - The vauge view that we attend to the same struggles and triumps as everyone else
Where....self explanatory
When - Everyday

Now that is the biggest question to answer, the Why!. Why do we as a people find ourselves in the situations that the show spoke about. Do not only look at the negative ones but look at the positive pieces as well. The single father who sacrificesd to make sure his child would have a better future. The Rand family that travels and joins 300 plus people for something positive, etc....
But there is also the why for the situations that we have found ourselves in when it comes to the diseases that plauge us, drugs, jails, education, and broken homes.

The show was as it said it was. A documentary, only 4 total hours to give an overview of who we are. The broadcast told the truth and stated facts, and serves as a wake up call for tons of people. If it offended you then you are looking at it superficially. Personally, I learned that to be better than the status quo that society has created for you, you have to be great and not become a product of your environment.

Host... Soledad O'brien is multiracial and if you ask her, she writes that she is Black on her job application. I'm not going to question her journalistic talent because it took gaul to move forward with this project. She started with aftermath and retrospect special on Dr. King's death and moved to the current topics And its not done.... it was a 16 month long project that is being put together in parts. After doing some digging she asked for a week to go through everything but ....its corporate america and they aren't going to give us a full week. Lets get real.