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If you are not registered to vote and you care about your life, the life of you family and friends, GO REGISTER NOW!!!!! Now if you are registered, please check and make sure that they have not mysteriously taken you off of the list. You do not want November to come when you go to the polls just to find out that they can't find your name, or that you "aren't registered." No matter which state you live in, you can go to sites such as or and register or you can go to your official State website and find voter registration information, or you can go to the post office or your local motor vehicle administration. Google it if you have to. Please find a way to register, and if you have any prolems, you can even email me and I will help you with the process.
I think that it is fair to say that this election is probably one of the most important elections that you will vote in. No matter who you vote for or which party you belong to, VOTE!
Take a look at the article below, and make sure that you do everything in your power to register, make sure that you are still registered if you have registered in the past, and help others to register. I can not stress it enough people, but we have to ALL get out and vote. This is not a BLACK or WHITE thing, female or male thing, or rich or poor thing, this is a SAVING OUR COUNTRY and it's people thing.
New York (September 10, 2008) - Reverend Al Sharpton and National Action Network (NAN) will embark on a bus tour of the key swing and battleground states beginning next week to register and protect voters in Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina where thousands of Blacks are currently unregistered. The trend in presidential elections is that their outcome is determined by a handful of swing states by razor thin margins where questions of voting irregularities have been raised. The "Not This Time" voter education and registration campaign is a non-partisan effort designed to eliminate voter fraud and ensure that every vote counts in several of the swing states in this year's presidential election.
National Action Network's "Not This Time" voter registration campaign will conduct a series of 3-5 day bus tours through swing states to educate, register and protect already registered voters from being bounced from the voter rolls. Then, once the voter registration period has ended, the final phase of the effort will be to protect voter participation, particularly in swing states that have early voting components.
Each day of the tour will consist of meetings with community members, civil rights groups, students, and religious leaders to brief them on how they can join the "Not This Time" campaign and become on the ground partners in the effort beyond the five day tour. "Not This Time" will set up in two or three prominent places in the particular city to conduct voter education and registration throughout the day. In each city, Reverend Sharpton will broadcast his nationally syndicated radio show to promote the voter registration sites and discuss how to protect one's right to vote. Reverend Sharpton and "Not This Time" will do student rallies at the local colleges where Not This Time will seek volunteers to conduct voter registration, protection and education. Reverend Sharpton and Not This Time will also hold rallies at local churches where Not This Time staff and volunteers will register voters and take names to check that they are on the voting rolls and where they should vote.
If You Would Like To Join This Historic Movement Right Now
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We invite the media to get on the bus with Rev. Sharpton and NAN! For more information and to submit interest in writing, please contact Rachel Noerdlinger at Rachel NoerdlingerVice President of CommunicationsReverend Al Sharpton Media(212) 876-5444/revalmedia@yahoo.comor Rita AbrahamsCommunications

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